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About this flower one can say: how can I handle without kalanchoe? Anyway, our grandmothers and mothers can’t imagine how someone could not have such useful plant at home. I remember that there also was one at our home. And it’s not surprising as kalanchoe is applied medicinally for cough, colds, burns and cuts. Just for these reason I’ve asked my mother-in-law to buy a grown up flower. So, kalanchoe is the plant that is definitely worth efforts for taking care of it. And in order to prevent such precious plant from wilting, let’s refresh knowledge about care of the plant at home.

Care at home

Whatever the kalanchoe type you have, taking care of any of it is almost similar. These plants inhabit in tropics. Kalanchoe is adapted for staying both in conditions of high humidity and draught conditions for draught conditions time. In kindly periods, kalanchoe’s leaves gather a moisture that can be applied for survival by flower. Also this plant doesn’t need in doesn’t need in replanting and fertilizing. One can say that this flower gives us much more than it requires.

These houseplants also are characterized by high persistence to blasts and diseases. Furthermore the flower that just begun to taint, you should divide your plant into cuttings and then implant it. They easily propagate and with the bulbils’ help by themselves.

But despite unpretentiousness of this flower, you should remember how correctly care of.


Almost every place at your home, where there even is a little sunlight, will be suitable. The plant can be easily grown in conditions with diffuse sunlight and half-shade. If you put kalanchoe under direct sunlight, there is going to be a little change of leaves’ coloration (they’ll become slightly red). West or east window where there is not so intensive lightning, will fit.

For bloomy kalanchoe’s types optional lightning in winter and southeast or east direction is most preferable. When there is lack of lightning, your kalanchoe stretches, grows weak. The plant’s lower leaves die down and upper ones become pale.


This plant demands almost free temperature conditions. When the temperature is 10oC outside, the plant can be set in fresh air on the balcony, where kalanchoe can stay all the season of summer-autumn. It can stoically stand heat and easily handle it. But to avoid the flower withering you need to increase watering.

The best temperature in summer is 22-25°С, in winter is 12-17°С.


The flower gathers moisture in its leaves. So kalanchoe can easily stand forced draught. But overwatering effects harmfully. And its reason is not amount of water. While you’re watering, soil should be heavily moisten to completely wet the soil ball. But the rest you have to pour out. You need to choose the watering frequency. You can water more often during the heat. In winter water it once every 10-14 days. In case of overwatering, the roots can start tainting. Also excessive watering can cause molds and fungus.


You can’t spray it. In winter, it can be even dangerous. But to save your flower from dust on its leaves, it’s useful to wash the plant under the shower. In order to prevent mealybug or red spider’s appearance you also can wipe the leaves applying soft cloth.


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